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Are you Looking for the cheapest and Bestest Warehouse’s in the UK? Don’t Worry VELANTO PREP  has Got You Covered! 

VELANTO PREP Warehouse Locations

Utilize as much or as little of our expansive, international fulfillment network to skyrocket your logistics

We Aim Big With Our Warehouse Network
Lightning-Fast Logistics

Time is money, which is why our prep and fulfillment times are some of the fastest in the industry. Get your items prepped in 1-3 days and delivered straight into FBA, your end consumer, or any other 3PL you want to use. The faster we move, the sooner you make money.

Nationwide DTC Deliveries

Consumer expectations have risen alongside Amazon Prime’s fast delivery times. To stay competitive, you need to provide two-day and even next-day delivery for buyers across the country. Having access to a vast fulfillment network means you can store your goods as close as possible to demand, and spread out your items for nationwide coverage.

Quick Inbounds

Stop wasting time and money trucking your goods across the country. Send all your items to the VELANTO PREP location closest to your manufacturers, suppliers, or landing docks, and let us handle the rest. This translates to more affordable inbound deliveries for you, faster intake of your inventory, and a satisfyingly efficient process for your team.

Comprehensive Services

Get eCommerce services on demand. It doesn’t matter whether you need cold storage, a shrink wrap tunnel, or custom box cutting equipment. Chances are, we can find a warehouse in our network that has exactly what you need.

We invested in Multiple warehouse to give you all the advantages of a
world wide logistics network.
Affordable Infrastructure

More locations means we can optimize your inventory to travel shorter distances and receive the exact services you need. That results in big savings for your incoming and outgoing inventory. No more expensive transfers, extra steps, or add-ons for additional services.

Scalable Growth

Our model grows with you. Use as much or as little of our network as you need, all at the same base price. Whether you receive an influx of orders that needs to overflow into another facility, or are adding a new SKU that requires special equipment, we can match you with the best suited location.

Defensible Supply Chain

Don’t limit yourself to one warehouse when you can utilize a full network to power your logistics. Fulfill items from the US with our expansive coverage. Multiple locations also means we can accept and prep your items as close as possible to their final destination, whether that’s an VELANTO location in London or your end buyer in Canada.

Global Market

Expand your brand’s reach by selling to international markets. Whether you want to sell in Europe or Asia, we can help. Let us handle your logistics, and your business can easily step onto the global stage.

Are you ready to take your business global? Tap into the VELANTO PREP network to power your infrastructure.





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1 - 2 Day

Delivery Across the UK & USA

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