Velanto Prep

Are you Looking for the cheapest and Bestest Warehouse’s in the UK? Don’t Worry VELANTO PREP  has Got You Covered! 

Subscription Box Prep and Fulfillment

Deliver subscription boxes accurately and on time by letting MyFBAPrep package and fulfill your orders.

Ensure accurate subscription box contents

Use our dedicated team to pick and pack the specialassortments of your various subscription boxes. Trackyour box contents in Preptopia™ as we kit and send everything on your behalf.

Seamless subscription box fulfillment

Schedule orders in advance to ensure fast and efficient delivery for every subscription. Gain consumer trust as a reliable merchant that always delivers on time.

You get the subscriptions, we’ll handle the rest

Focus on marketing and closing sales, and let MyFBAPrep take care of picking, packing, ensuring quality, and delivering your subscription boxes to your happy customers.

Delight your customers every time

Running a smooth subscription box business requires orchestrating many moving pieces. Let us handle the logistics so you can get to work delighting your customers.

Why VelantoPrep?

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Sq. ft of operating space

24h - 72h

Prep turnaround

1 - 2 Day

Delivery across the US

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